IEEE AlexSB vision statement: "We want every Egyptian Engineer to be knowledgeable, self- motivated, professional, creative, visionary, innovative, always up-to-date and competently playing his role in shaping the future of science and technology."

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IEEE  members  now  have  access  to  more  than  260  eBooks  from  the  IEEE  Press collection through IEEE Xplore. IEEE, in conjunction with Microsoft, is pleased to offer a wide selection of development  software  to  IEEE  Student  members and  Graduate  Student members. 

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The IEEE Alexandria Student Branch was founded in the  academic year 2000-2001. Since then, the Branch has been one of the most active branches established under Egypt's Local Section.

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Today we're going to work more with Symfony 2 where we'll explore the basics of building web applications using this awesome framework. Symfony 2 R

We've previously covered how to

Awhile ago, the awesome Jeffrey Way created a tool called Prefi

This is the story about a project of mine.A big one.A mixture between PHP and Node.js

Our understanding of the universe is about to change…

Welcome back to our story:

·  It's the greatest project in Egypt in the past 50 years.


“INTERACT is an open portal to an endless knowledge empowering our ability to keep up and interact with today’s fast evolving world of technology.”

All these malwares we discussed earlier (from Viruses, Worms to Rootkits) are nothing but mere tools for the intruders to use.

This article is a continuation of Introduction to the MEAN S

The memristor — short for memory resistor - could make it possible to develop far more energy-efficient computing systems with memories that retain

Old code.Ugly code.Complicated code.Spaghetti code.Jibberish nonsense.In two words, Legacy Code.This is a series that will help you work a

What they say

Words are very limited media for expression, yet Actions hold the Core. Talk with Actions. Lead the Change.To the devoted leaders of the NPSS Alexandria Student Chapter.

Dr. Hytham Abd el-Aziz
Professor, Faculty of Dentistry. Alex. Uni.

IEEE is the source of new sciences and the way to technological progress

Dr. Mohamed El- Gohary
Professor - Faculty of Engineering. Alex. Uni.

I'd like to wish all my Egyptian friends all the good luck with the event they're having, I hate to admit that I've never been to Alexandria but I definitely will be there next year

Costas Stasopoulos
IEEE Region 8 Director 2013-3014

I am proud of being an IEEE AlexSB volunteer whose aim is to help other students to gain knowledge of new trends topics that are not taucht in college...

Mostafa ElAraby
Head Website Committee


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The Largest student branch in region 8 (Europe,Middele-East and Africa) ,for the year 2008,2009 and second largest branch worldwide.

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